Israeli High-Tech – Start-Up Nation
Israel is recognized as a global center of excellence for advanced technologies in a range of areas encompassing ICT, big data, Internet of Things, cybersecurity, mobile communications and apps, smart-car technology, fintech, cleantech, homeland security, medical devices, drug development, biotech and life sciences and much more.

Leading edge, innovative technological products make up more than 70% of the $60 billion worth of goods that Israel exports annually. In addition tens of billions of dollars have been invested by leading corporations and businesspeople worldwide, in thousands of Israeli start-ups, which are developing new technologies and innovative products. Many of the world's tech giants have set up development centers in Israel based on their acquisitions of Israeli start-ups.In 2018 alone, some $6 billion was invested in Israeli startups, and the country has become known as "Start-Up Nation."

Israel's unique high-tech ecosystem is characterized by a high-level of collaboration between government, academia and the private sector. Israeli entrepreneurs are often also unique in having both academic qualification and frequently having served in military intelligence or other IDF technological units.

Since 1995 Daniel Uzan Media and Communications has been publishing magazines that promote Israel's exports and investment opportunities. These magazines tell the story of Israel's strong economic growth led by the country's innovative technological capabilities.
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