Jerusalem, August 2010

Dear Reader,
It is my pleasure to present to you information about the sophisticated and innovative range of components and assemblies produced by Israeli companies for the world's automotive industry - a true opportunity to take advantage of Israel's unique industrial output.

More than 40 Israeli suppliers already meet the highest international standards and the rigorous demands of the world's major vehicle manufacturers who are their customers. These firms include OEM suppliers, after market manufacturers, production line tool providers and developers of innovative technologies based on Israel high-tech capabilities. Last year alone $250 million worth of Israeli automotive products were purchased within the framework of Industrial Cooperation Agreements.

The Industrial Cooperation Authority (ICA) ensures the fulfillment of Industrial Cooperation Agreements signed by overseas companies, due to their sales to the Government of Israel, by initiating, tracking and coordinating industrial cooperation activities. ICA's role also includes: signing the said agreements with the overseas companies, and tracking and promoting the implementation of their commitments.

The ICA assists overseas companies wishing to form appropriate partnerships in Israel for the purpose of fulfilling their Industrial Cooperation undertakings. ICA helps the foreign businessperson locate suitable Israeli firms and its industrial specialists offer their know-how and advice and provide information about Israeli industry. All services are given free of charge.

ICA's staff in Israel and abroad is eager to provide you with our complimentary services. We look forward to assist you in facilitating contacts with the most appropriate Israeli partner, and we are confident that such partnerships will prove to be mutually profitable and beneficial, for all parties involved.
Produced By: Daniel Uzan Media & Communications