Opportunities for Industrial Cooperation in Israel
Israel's Automotive Technologies Combine Advanced Technologies and Traditional Precision

With the world increasingly challenged by congested roads and polluted air, Israel's groundbreaking automotive technologies are in the forefront of improving performance, efficiency, safety and cleanliness. At the same time, traditional suppliers manufacture a diverse range of the most sophisticated components and assemblies, which combine traditional engineering precision with advanced design and the latest technologies.

Over 100 Manufacturers
More than 100 Israeli manufacturers supply systems, parts, modules and tooling to both original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and to supplier Tiers, produce tool and production line systems, design and assemble buses and vehicles, manufacture after market products. In addition, these manufacturers also develop a range of advanced automotive technologies including innovative materials, advanced electronics and automation technologies, and cleantech initiatives.
Originally established to support, among others, the security and aerospace industries, Israeli companies have successfully adapted technologies that were utilized for the military to civilian uses and made themselves a prominent technology market for the international automobile industry. Israel exports around $800 million worth of automotive parts and systems annually, many of which are utilized by leading manufacturers such as Daimler, Jaguar, BMW, VW, PSA, GM, MAN, International Truck & Engine, Renault-Nissan, FORD and Volvo as well as to Tier 1 suppliers such as: Delphi, Bosch, Valeo, Autoliv, Faurecia, Johnson Controls and Magna Styer.

Highest International Standards
Israel's highly skilled workforce, strict compliance with international quality standards, sophisticated computerized logistics and advanced R&D capabilities and investments positions the country as a prime destination for outsourcing and development of new products to the global vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers. In recent years, Israel has invented a number of breakthrough technologies including specialized materials, advanced electronics, communication systems, driver awareness systems, automotive IT and security. Furthermore, as electronics become an increasingly significant part of the automotive industry, having recently risen from 15% of total car cost to 35%, Israel is well positioned to become a leader in this niche market.
Four reasons for outsourcing in Israel: more advanced and innovative technical solutions; lower costs; reliable on-time delivery; and high-quality parts.

OEM & Tier 1 Suppliers
About 35 Israeli companies serve as OEM and Tier 1 suppliers to the world's leading automakers. These companies combine traditional engineering precision with advanced design and the latest technologies and come from many industries including plastics, rubber, metal, and electronics. Israeli companies in this field include Ashot Ashkelon, which manufactures gears and transmission systems for the aerospace industry as well as off-road and heavy duty vehicles & trucks, while Ditron Precision supplies high quality volume automotive and engine machined parts using the most up-to-date CNC machining centers and lathes, single spindle, multi-spindle and Swiss type automatic screw machines. Ein Hashofet Industries includes three industrial companies owned by Kibbutz Ein Hashofet: Mivrag Ltd., produces a wide range of metal parts, bolts and unique metal accessories in cold forming technology; Eltam Ein Hashofet Ltd. plays a major role in the international market for lighting accessories and metal components while MAG Ltd is a supplier of integrative mechanical and electro-mechanical assemblies and products include: Electronic Parking Brake, Body and Chassis Hardware, Seat Hardware, Spare Tire Hoist Carriers and Shift Mechanisms. Raval specializes in the development and production of automotive fuel tank venting systems in response to new international environmental and safety regulations, while Tadir-Gan Group, comprising three companies, Tadir-Gan (Precision Products) 1993 Ltd., Ortal Diecasting and Tadir- Gan Europe, covers the three High Pressure Die casting processes: Magnesium, Aluminum and Zinc, with full synergic cooperation and higher capabilities.
Tadir-Gan (Precision Products) has twice won GM Worldwide "Supplier of the Year" awards for its achievements in quality, service, technology and price. Ortal Diecasting won the ZF Ls Best Supplier award.
Other innovations in this sector include Raviv's carbon fabric heated seat pads that offer safer, more energy efficient, uniform seat temperature.

Tool and Production Line Systems
More than a handful of Israeli companies operate in this sector including CogniTens, which provides comprehensive three dimensional measurement solutions focused on improving engineering and manufacturing processes, and allowing its customers to significantly improve product quality, shorten development cycles, and cut manufacturing costs. In 2006 the company was awarded the Automotive News PACE Award honoring innovative automotive suppliers as well as Frost & Sullivan's Technology Innovation of the Year Award.
Iscar, owned by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway, is one of the world's leading manufacturers and a full line supplier of fine, precision metalworking tools. Its unique and innovative cutting tools cover most applications including cutoff, face grooving and other turning applications, milling, drilling, hole making, threading and operations requiring solid carbide tools. PLT Plasma Laser Technologies specializes in the development and validation of hybrid welding technologies and applications. PLT has developed to date two main hybrid innovative systems, both patented and trade marked worldwide: Super- MIG® based on the combination of a MIG/MAG welding process and plasma-arc in one processing head and Weldone™, based on the combination of a laser beam and a powerful plasma-arc in one processing head.
Also in this sector, U.G.S. Technomatix develops and produces computer aided production engineering solutions for manufacturing, and EVSScanmaster Systems, which develops and manufactures ultrasonic inspection, imaging systems and transducers, Objet Geometries Ltd. is a developer and manufacturer of ultra-thin layer, highresolution 3- dimensional printing solutions for rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing.

Bus and Vehicle Bodybuilders
Israel has around a dozen bus, minibus and special utility vehicle manufacturers and bodybuilders. Some of these companies specialize in the production of military vehicles including Hatehof, which manufactures armored vehicles, tanka ers, aircraft refuellers and fire fighting trucks, and Automotive Industries, which manufactures all terrain tactical vehicles. In the civilian sector Merkavim Transport Technologies and Haargaz Group are engaged in the design and production of passenger buses and railway cars. Agam Garage and Trailers manufactures trailers and heavy metal work components and B.A.T. Beit Alfa Technologies produces special purpose vehicles including for riot control. Shaldot Metal Works also manufactures special purpose vehicles including trailers, tankers, truck bodies, and command shelters.
Feldman Vehicle Conversions specializes in the production and fitting seats, other parts, and accessories for commercial vehicles, while TOMCAR designs and manufactures off-road vehicles for civilian and military markets.

After Market Manufacturers Israel has a diverse range of some several dozen after market manufacturers including E. Schnapp & Co. Works Ltd. manufactures automotive and deep cycle lead acid batteries for European, Japanese and American vehicles in the range of 12v 36ah to 12v 230ah and 6v batteries. Alex Original which designs, develops and manufactures mobile HVAC solutions and systems for 700 different vehicle models, and Hadaikan, which produces such parts as axial shafts, tie rod ends, ball joints, stabilizer links and more. Ein Shemer Rubber Industries produces and markets rubber hose and profiles, rubber tire treads and compounds and D.S. Rebuilt Electrical Car Parts manufactures and markets starters and alternators. King Engine Bearings produces and markets sleeve-type half bearings and Lehavot Fire Protection manufactures portable and mobile fire extinguishers.

Advanced Automotive Technologies
Innovative Materials: Israel's best-known application of innovative materials for the automotive industry began in the 1990s with ICL Metallurgy, which was then a joint venture between Israel Chemicals (65%) and Volkswagen (35%) to transform the concentrated magnesium in the Dead Sea into high-quality magnesium alloys for use in the manufacture of vehicles. In its heyday the partnership enjoyed annual sales of over $100 million.
In more recent times, Israeli companies have developed innovative materials, which combine increased safety with the utmost in comfort. Breakthroughs have included TexoPlast's tough, lightweight fabric featuring a soft, luxurious-tothe- touch material on one side with a hard plastic shell on the other.
BGN Technologies, the technology transfer company of Ben Gurion University of the Negev is developing and commercializing a range of startup projects in the automotive related technologies sector including innovative materials such as: lightweight, high strength boron-carbide armor; consolidated light alloys with nano/sub-micron structure – light materials based on aluminum, magnesium and titanium; and cellular magnesium foam for special energy absorbing applications. FriCSo provides patented environmentally friendly nano-layer based surface treatment that significantly reduces friction between moving parts. ApNano Materials in collaboration with the Weizmann Institute of Technology has developed NanoLub, the world's first synthetic lubricant to be based on spherical inorganic nano-particles. The company was selected by Red Herring, the US investing journal, as one of the top innovators driving global markets in 2005. Plasan Carbon Composites supplies strong and resilient parts made of carbon fiber whose light weight allows for overall reduction in vehicle weight.
Advanced Electronics and Automation Technologies
Israeli companies offer electronic systems, equipment and products which improve the accuracy, quality and efficiency of vehicle production and are also leaders in the field of driver vision systems, biometric-based security and integrative communications systems, including night vision systems, on-board driver assistance systems, telematics, Fleet Management Solutions, navigation and control systems, sensors, voice processing solutions and testing and measurement solutions.
MobilEye Vision Technologies has pioneered the development of vision-based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), providing data for applications such as lane departure warning, forward collision warning, headway monitoring, pedestrian detection, high beam assist, traffic sign recognition, adaptive cruise control and more. TowerJazz is a specialty foundry manufacturing integrated circuits and is a major supplier of semiconductors for the automotive market.
Nextec Technologies specializes in the development of high precision, non-contact 3D laser scanning for geometry inspection, quality control and reverse engineering applications. PrimeSense has developed a revolutionary low cost 3D capturing device. In car applications include: controlled air bag activation based on spatial detection of occupants positions and movements; driver awareness detection based on head and eyelids spatial position and movements; driver attention monitor; child abandons detection; easy and reliable operation of car systems with hand or head gestures. Tecnomatix Technologies develops and markets automobile manufacturing software. The company has a network of subsidiary offices in over 20 countries with more than a dozen distributors around the world.
Israeli software companies are joining the automotive scene in growing numbers. Israeli software companies provide, amongst others, software for Digital Broadcast Receiving applications; Robust embedded security solutions as well as processoriented software linking product engineering with all manufacturing disciplines.
New Israeli "Vehicle to Vehicle", "Vehicle to Infrastructure" and "Vehicle to Environment" communications systems including satellite TV reception promise to change the entire driving experience. Performance improvement features include engine control modules, an electronic voltage regulator, and a system to monitor fluid quality and temperature (using microwave transmissions).

Cleantech Initiatives
Limited by scarce natural resources, Israel's pioneering status in environmentally friendly technologies has also carried over to its automotive industry. One example is BGN Technologies at Ben Gurion University, which together with Exxon Mobil Corporation manufactures a container for alternative hydrogen fuel that, is exceptional in its content ability as well as in the amount of security it provides.
ETV Motors is an Israeli start-up developing innovative electric vehicle propulsion technology. The company's activity is focused on a novel, high-efficiency, dual – power micro-turbine and a proprietary high voltage lithium-ion battery. Integration of these optimized components will result in an unparalleled electric vehicle propulsion platform. Newton Propulsion Technologies Ltd. has developed an innovative and remarkably efficient Engine Platform, using an advanced integration of a volumetric Internal Combustion and Gas Turbine principles into one engine, resulting in a vastly improved efficiency, performance and emission, utilizing multi-fuel system including heavy and bio fuels and it conforms to the strict regulation of Cleantech requirements.
Furthermore, the Israeli government has made a strategic decision to support the development of an infrastructure for mass transportation of electric vehicles in cooperation with Better Place a project initiated by Israeli entrepreneur Shai Agassi, and funded by Israel Corp. and a consortium of international investors, which aims to build an electric car battery recharging network by the end of 2011.

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