Exporting Israel's Advanced
Water, Renewable Energy
and Environmental Solutions

The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute Promotes Israel’s Unique Water and Cleantech Technologies

The world’s growing population and rising industrial production is increasing the demand for the world’s limited water and energy resources. Growth in industrial production and consumption is resulting in increased pollution and global warming and a need to treat the environmental damage caused, while disposing of ever increasing amounts of garbage and sewage.
In the water sector, many countries, which did not have a problem in the past, now lack water while others suffer flooding. All countries need better and more efficient water management and are concerned about water quality and security.
Limited and rapidly diminishing fuel reserves worldwide, have raised the economic importance of alternative energy and increased demand for renewable energy and bio-fuel. The urbanization and industrialization process, which is gathering pace in developing countries such as China is generating vast quantities of urban waste and requires innovative recycling and purification technologies as well as handling the problem of air pollution.

Israel Has Learned From Experience

Israel, which suffers from a chronic lack of natural resources such as water and oil, has accumulated extensive experience and impressive, unique and smart capabilities in both saving and producing alternative sources of water and energy.
The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute’s (IEICI) Department of Water, Renewable and Environmental Technologies is engaged in locating unique industrial niches in these industries and using its worldwide contacts and know-how to promote business opportunities for Israeli industry. The IEICI works with about 400 Israeli companies involved in the export of Israeli water technologies, renewable energy and environmental solutions.
This new huge, global water technology and cleantech market is attracting major investments from both public and institutional bodies and the private sector. The emergence of this new market is not simply a trend or fashion but a growing market, which is vital for the future existence of the planet.

One-Stop Shop for Israeli Exporters

The IEICI is a non-profit organization, founded in 1958 as the Israel Export Institute by the Israeli government and the private sector, to promote Israel’s exports. Today, the Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute (IEICI), supported by member firms, private-sector bodies and the government of Israel, advances business relationship between Israeli exporters and overseas businesses and organizations. By providing a wide range of export oriented services to Israeli companies and complementary services to the international business community, The IEICI’s Water & Environmental Technologies Department, helps build successful joint ventures, strategic alliances and trade partnerships IEICI acts as the national focal point for generating and implementing various programs of mutual collaboration between Israeli entrepreneurs and industrial companies all over the world.
IEICI promotes external trade through international initiatives, exporters service programs and advising the government on trade issues.
In effect the IEICI is a one-stop shop for Israeli exporters with its own private databases, which complement information and Internet forums to answer exporters’ enquiries.
Through its Professional Services and International Projects Division, IEICI has been especially effective in increasing the number of successful Israeli bids for the major international tenders of the World Bank and other international development agencies.

Creating Opportunities
IEICI’s Department of Water and Environmental Technologies has focused its efforts on creating connections and business opportunities with potential partners and buyers in various sectors in order to present to them Israel’s industrial capabilities. The IEICI has organized special meetings overseas and brought foreign delegations to Israel for meetings with relevant companies.

The Department is also engaged in national branding by helping to set up national pavilions at leading international exhibitions worldwide, producing marketing and advertising materials, which enhance Israel’s image and working to promote Israeli companies vis-à-vis major global institutions and private corporations.