Incubating Water Technologies
and Cleantech

Israel’s Network of Technological Incubators Has Begun Placing a Major Focus on Water and Environmental Issues

In recent years Israel’s technological incubators have begun giving greater priority to water technologies and cleantech projects. Established in 1993 by the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) at the Ministry of Industry Trade and Labor, there are today 24 incubators around the country carrying out 200 projects, and receiving an annual budget of $35 million from the OCS.

Privatized Incubators
The incubators have been privatized over the past few years, so that for example, the Canadian Stern Group has owned Kinrot Ventures, Israel’s leading water technologies incubator, since 2006. However, Kinrot Ventures, which is symbolically located at Zemach where the River Jordan flows southwards out of the Sea of Galilee, which in effect is a giant reservoir fulfilling one third of Israel’s water needs, continues to receive OCS funding.

Kinrot Ventures
“We are the largest seed investors in water technologies in the world,” explains Kinrot Ventures CEO Assaf Barnea. “Kinrot has invaluable experience and resources that enables us to assist and guide entrepreneurs and their ideas throughout the entire development process, from alpha and beta testing right up to assisting with investment financing to launch new companies in the global market.”
Breakthrough Technologies
There are currently 12 companies in the Kinrot Ventures start-up portfolio developing breakthrough technologies. These include TACount, which is developing a new technology that allows the detection and counting of reproducible microorganisms in a matter of minutes instead of days. The company is developing a fully automated system which will provide a plate count / plate culture - CFU equivalent count of bacteria and other micro organisms in minutes, instead of today’s gold standard tests which takes approximately 2-3 days

Broad Range of Applications
The technology may be used in a broad range of applications in the field of industrial microbiology such as drinking and wastewater, pharmaceuticals and food and beverage production lines. By detecting a microbial infection in minutes instead of days, it is likely to reduce significantly the response time and the risk of sending defected products out to the market.

Contact-Less Filters
Another promising company is Kolmir Water Technologies, which is developing an ultrasonic ”contact-less filter” for a wide range of potential applications in water and waste water treatment . This break-through technology will reduce substantially the usage of treatment chemicals such as coagulants, flocculants and oxidants and will probably require a much smaller foot print, enabling all in alla significant improvment in today’s filtration performance.

Aeration Systems
Among other promising companies at Kinrot Ventures is Diffusaire, which is developing low-cost and high efficiency aeration systems for the water industry. The company targets the aerobic wastewater treatment global market, where it will be offering a reduction of up to 50% in aeration system power consumption and capital costs.

Other Portfolio Companies
The other Kinrot portfolio companies are:
Evina, which is developing biological solutions for cyanoric acid accumulation in swimming pools;
Aqua Digital, which is developing digital flow meter solutions;
CoolTek, which is developing the world’s smallest, most effective on-demand instant water cooling or heating device for use by soldiers, athletes, hikers; Aquarius Spectrum, which is developing municipal leak detection solutions; HydroSpin, which is developing in pipe generators for self-powered water monitoring systems;
Canarious, which is developing an early warning system for the on-line detection of toxic chemicals in water; Seatech, which is developing an efficient process for producing high value chemicals from brine leftovers emitted from seawater desalination plants;
Eltav Wireless Monitoring, which is offering wireless monitoring solutions for industrial ball valves;
PML, which is developing laser-based particle monitoring technologies.

Strategic Partnerships
Kinrot is backed by an advisory board made up of leading academicians and industry leaders and has strategic partnerships with Mekorot (Israel National Water Corporation), Water and Energy Technology (WET) Incubator in California and the L.A. City Water and Energy Department, the largest utility in the States. With this level of support, Kinrot is able to provide entrepreneurs with a fertile environment for growth and success in the national and international markets.

Ashkelon Technology Industries
Another incubator with a heavy emphasis on water technologies and cleantech is Ashkelon Technology Industries (ATI). ATI’s Cleantech portfolio consists of a diverse range of companies, developing solutions for industries such as agro/ green materials, energy, infrastructure and water treatment.
ATI Cleantech provides expertise, broad industry experience and financial backing to invest in development of early-stage Cleantech ventures. ATI Cleantech is located in near proximity to a number of central testing grounds in Israel, such as desalination plants, power plants, wastewater and sewage treatment plants, and have the support of Ashkelon Municipality in testing technologies within its facilities. ATI Cleantech offers facilities, business guidance, consultancy and mentoring to entrepreneurs from R&D to company exit.

Ashkelon Portfolio Companies
Start-ups in Ashkelon include TreaTec21, which develops and markets advanced water purification solutions including the EFector system for the innovative treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater.
En Gibton is a water treatment company that develops novel adsorption-filtration systems for removing organic and inorganic pollutants from water, while ROTEC (Reverse Osmosis Technologies) - formerly FR-SDS Ltd -
is a water treatment company that develops novel technologies improving desalination processes of brackish groundwater.
In alternative energies Pervasiv has developed a novel separation technology and process for effective and inexpensive solvent recovery, bioethanol dehydration and spent acid recycling, and SolRoll The company develops a unique technology for mass-production of cost effective photovoltaic cells on rolls of flexible polymer.

Other Incubators
Elsewhere at the Incentive Incubator in Ariel, OrionSolar is developing the most cost -effective solar cells in the market. These solar cells will provide a first-time possibility for solar energy to be directly competitive with existing energy sources, without subsidies. At Maayan Ventures in Sde Boker and Omer, Biotope Plus specializes in biological sewage purification and Membranes Developing Company (MDC) is developing nano-industrial membranes for industrial waste facilities.
At the Meytag Incubator on the Golan Heights, Aquapure has developed a new water treatment technology focusing on metal removal, MTBE treatment, and site remediation, while AquaSpark has developed a novel technology for the treatment of industrial wastewater.