Jerusalem, November 2009

State of Israel
Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor

Dear Friends,
I wish to welcome to you all as participants to Watech, a conference devoted to Cleantech cutting edge technologies.
Over the years, Israel has established its position as an international leader in the development of various technological solutions devoted to optimizing the use of limited water and energy resources. Pioneer technologies are being developed constantly in Israeli universities and academic colleges, as well as by start-ups and industry in general.
Some of the solutions developed by Israeli companies have changed concepts of use of natural resources by society. For example, methods of drip irrigation, which are applied today by farmers all over the world – methods, which allow the development of agriculture enabling conditions, even in places where only scarce water resources exist. Israeli developed techniques used for water recycling and desalination, allow the State of Israel to purify as much as 75% of the water used for agriculture, and to make use of three of the world’s largest desalination plants for water utilization needs.
Efficient use of renewable energy is a main characteristic of the Israeli energy consumption model. For many years now, most Israeli households use renewable energy for household purposes. A range of solar power systems, photovoltaic cells systems, geothermal power generation solutions, bio-fuels uses and more are constantly developed by innovative Israeli cleantech companies.
The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor leads the national program – ISRAEL NEWTech that supports technologies in the water and renewable energy sectors. The Ministry encourages Israel’s water and cleantech industries via the foreign trade administration, the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) and more. The Ministry is constantly signing international agreements, aimed towards the enhancement of international cooperation in the development of technologies, with overseas partners and international consortia.
Israel’s entrepreneurial spirit combined with government support have resulted in dozens of innovative ideas being profitably transformed into marketable products, not only in water technologies and cleantech but also in other high-tech sectors such as biotech, telecom, electronics, IT and homeland security.
This magazine contains a comprehensive survey of Israel’s water technology and cleantech capabilities and emphasizes potential investment opportunities.


Binyamin (Fouad) Ben Eliezer
Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor