Israel NEWTech

Israel’s National Program for Promoting the Country’s Water and Renewable Energy Industries led by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor.

I srael NEWTech is the country’s national program for promoting the country’s water and renewable energy industries - and deepening cooperation with multinational bodies.
A comprehensive government program formulated in 2006, and led by the Ministry of Industry Trade and Labor, Israel NEWTech’s main targets include: to enhance human infrastructure; to double the value of exports of Israel’s water technology and renewable energy products and solutions; to attract overseas investment; to nurture R&D with international partners; and to brand Israeli water technologies and the renewable energies sector in world markets.

Tapping Into a Window of Opportunity

In particular, Israel NEWTech is tapping into a window of opportunity and enabling more than 300 Israeli companies in these sectors, many of them start-ups, to leverage their advantages and become major players in the global water and renewable energy markets, which are worth trillions of dollars annually.
Israel NEWTech is helping Israel establish and consolidate its leading position in these markets.
With very scarce water supplies, Israel has pioneered drip irrigation and other techniques, which allow optimal use of water for agriculture and gardens. Israel recycles 75% of its sewage and wastewater – a far higher percentage than any other country in the world - by treating and purifying it for agricultural use. Israel has three large desalination plants along the Mediterranean coast with two more planned for completion in the coming few years. Israel is also a world leader in water management, flow control and water safety and security.
With the world’s population continuing to grow, economies expanding and industrial production increasing a greater burden is being placed on dwindling global energy resources and the world’s fragile ecological balance and environment. Israel has pioneered breakthrough technologies in solar energy, and exploiting geothermal energy. In recent years stress has been placed on wind and bioconversion as potential energy sources.
Israel NEWTech has also been able to leverage the infrastructure of Israel’s world- renowned high-tech industries, which have an impressive track record of transforming innovative ideas into marketable products in such areas as communications, software, semiconductors, electronics, medical devices and biotech.
This infrastructure includes world-class universities and research institutions and their technology transfer companies, government incentive programs for start-ups and industrial R&D, incubators, international funds, VC funds and more.


Israel NEWTech is being implemented by encouraging research and development, project development and marketing, and since its inception has helped transform Israel into a global leader of innovative water technology and renewable energy solutions.

Israel NEWTech’s PROGRAM
Israel NEWTech Program encompasses backing academic studies and providing advanced training in water technologies and renewable energy. This includes formulating academic programs and courses, offering scholarships for advanced degrees and promoting professional training and manpower development.
At the same time, Israel NEWTech supports industrial R&D and academic research with industrial applications in the water technology and renewable energy sectors. This includes support for water technology and cleantech oriented technological incubators, applied research grants and investment in R&D.
An additional component in Israel NEWTech is the promotion of technology implementation and application including promoting wastewater purification technologies implementation and application for the reclamation of water for agriculture and industry, and innovative processes in the water infrastructure and the use of innovative Israeli technologies in such areas as water saving, control and distance meter reading, water quality control etc. Israel NEWTech also strives to market Israel’s proven abilities worldwide at the highest level including bringing major delegations to Israel for visits and the participation of Israeli delegations in major events and exhibitions worldwide. For more details: