Dear Reader,
Israel is a global innovation leader, and not just in high-tech.
Israel is indeed recognized worldwide as the “Start-Up Nation”, driving the future in advanced technologies, from ICT, cyber security and semiconductors, to renewable energy and biotech.
Yet at the same time, Israeli manufacturers have successfully integrated cutting-edge components and systems into a range of traditional sectors, such as plastics and rubber, metal and machinery, electrical and electro-mechanical equipment, and automotive products.
This catalogue contains comprehensive details about the range of products and solutions created by Israeli companies to enhance global manufacturing. These companies offer a gateway to Israel’s advanced tech-oriented industry, integrating traditional engineering precision with 21st century high-tech innovation.
The Israeli innovation success story is thanks to the country’s strong macroeconomic policies, uniquely skilled workforce, spirit of entrepreneurship and an ability to think outside the box. This translates to the swift development and adaptation of products designed to solve complex problems and needs. Israel is home to the highest number of academically qualifid scientists and engineers, per capita, than any other nation in the world.
Over the past few years, more than $10 billion worth of Israeli products and services were purchased within the framework of Industrial Cooperation Agreements from nearly 500 Israeli companies. Over 250 multinational companies have established R&D centers in Israel, drawing upon the powerful drive to innovation that has taken Israel to the highest levels in Global Competitiveness rankings.
The Ministry of Economy’s Industrial Cooperation Authority (ICA) and Investment Promotion Center (IPC) work in unison to promote and market Israeli industry worldwide. Our staff assists foreign companies wishing to form effective partnerships in Israel, either for the purpose of fulfiling their Industrial Cooperation undertakings or to take advantage of Israel’s uniquely innovative industry and R&D. We help the foreign businessperson identify suitable Israeli fims for strategic partnerships, joint ventures, investments, outsourcing or R&D agreements. Our industrial specialists offer their know-how and guidance about how this can be best accomplished, as well as providing the foreign company with the necessary information about Israeli industry. All services are provided free of charge.
The ICA and IPC experts, both in Israel and abroad, look forward to providing you with our complimentary services, and facilitating contacts with the right Israeli partners. We are confient that such partnerships will prove to be mutually profiable and benefiial, for all parties involved.

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