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Homeland and Cyber Security
Israel Provides Unique Homeland and Cyber Security Solutions

Extensive real-time experience in combating terror and crime in both the real and virtual worlds has enabled Israel to develop a comprehensive range of innovative and proven homeland and cyber security solutions. The country’s companies bring impressive achievements and immense capabilities to the Homeland and Cyber Security market. This leading edge range of systems enhances the security of people and property as well as aircraft, airports, borders, infrastructures and installations, and is the result of living under constant threat of terror attacks.

Cutting-edge systems enhance the security of people and property as well as aircraft, airports, borders, infrastructures and installations
These state-of-the-art solutions, many of them based on systems developed for the Israel Defense Forces, include video, closed-circuit television (CCTV) and digital surveillance systems, sensors and access control networks to complement conventional fencing and burglar alarm packages. Other companies have pioneered biometric technologies for ID verification. In cyber security Israel’s understanding of analytics and ability to identify anomalies thwarts computer fraud and terror.
No other country has such a high percentage of former army, security forces and police officers with experience in combating terrorism who can act as consultants in developing security concepts and systems for each unique situation.

Adapting Innovative Technologies To Emerging Threats
Israel Aerospace Industries ELTA Systems Group has developed new technologies for new threats. These include Flight Guard to protect commercial aircraft from terrorist missile attack, and C4 systems for protecting borders, coastlines and installations. Elbit Systems has comprehensive security systems and turnkey solutions for prevention, detection, deterrence and response.
In defense against terrorist or criminal activity the first line of protection remains good fencing. Magal Security Systems is a veteran Israeli company in the field of perimeter fencing. The company’s computerized security systems automatically detect, locate and identify the nature of outdoor intrusions. The company’s offerings range from taut wire detection to active infrared photoelectric detection.
Trans Security Systems and Technology provides electronic surveillance and perimeter security using fiber optic technology, while Galdor Systems offers integrated security systems and turnkey solutions to perimeter protection. Laser Guard is a high-tech start-up that has developed an alert system incorporating advanced software algorithm design. Fences and doors also need reliable locks and Mul-T-Lock develops and manufactures high-security locking solutions such as cylinders, padlocks and master-key systems for institutional, commercial, industrial and residential applications.

Detecting Intruders
No other country has such a high percentage of former army, security forces and police offiers with experience in combating terrorism
Controp Precision Technologies has developed a real time, advanced panoramic intruder protection system that automatically detects motion within a wide panoramic view. D-Fence Electronic and Intrusion Systems offers a range of protection systems combined with fencing including sensors, alarms and electrified window bars and G.M. Advanced Fencing and Security Technologies specializes in electric fencing systems combined with sensor cables, a computerized control center and integrated perimeter security.
Maximum Security (1984) Ltd. offers intruder detector systems based on motion detectors, infrared barriers and anti-masking detectors, while Ortek manufactures sophisticated surveillance systems to complement fencing. Opgal Optronics manufactures and markets thermal imaging systems, while PIMA Electronics leads in control panels and central monitoring systems. Cellocator is a leading AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) equipment provider for fleet management and security solution.
Israeli companies have also led the way in adapting burglar alarms to the 21st. century. Electronics Line (E.L.) 3000 provides innovative security with remote management solutions to the residential and commercial markets. This trend of integrating detectors, sensors, wireless systems, CCTV cameras and remote monitoring so that intruders are not only detected but captured on film is characteristic of the products of many Israeli developers and manufacturers of alarm systems. Av-Gad Systems develops, produces and markets alarm systems and electronic devices, while Visionic has developed a wireless home network and alarm systems.
An integral part of any sophisticated perimeter fencing and building or installation alarm system is Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) so that security staff can visually monitor movements outside and inside of buildings and fences.

Israeli companies have pioneered leading edge systems that combine CCTV with the latest software, communications, command and control solution packages.
Crow Electronic Engineering develops, manufactures and markets such innovative electronic detection equipment including digital CCTV and central monitoring systems. VideoDomain Technologies provides leading edge remote surveillance solutions to protect businesses and transportation networks. The company’s enabling technology allows it to stream high quality, real-time video through copper wires. Vigilant provides intelligent video solutions while Migvan Security Devices (MSD) has produced variable speed dome cameras.
Electronic Management Group (EMG) is a consulting firm, specializing in design and project management of integrated multi-component security systems. The company’s vast experience includes successful projects in security, safety, building management systems (BMS) and structure control, communications, audio and video systems (Low Voltage), command and control centers, physical protection and disaster and emergency response planning. EMG provides a variety of services for developing low voltage projects, from characterization and specifications to close supervision and system implementation.
In the area of aviation security NICE Systems has developed video recorders which when installed in aircraft enable pilots to view events in the passenger cabin and broadcast video signals to ground control centers during the flight. For airport security, A-EYE Advanced Vision Technologies has developed software whose applications include the more efficient operation of x-ray security scanning systems for detecting concealed weapons and explosives. Vidisco has developed innovative and portable X-ray systems.

Data Security
An integral part of any sophisticated perimeter fencing and building or installation alarm system is Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
However, advanced technologies have also created new problems, particularly in the realm of data security. Computers and all the secrets they contain are vulnerable when linked to worldwide networks via the telephone, while e-commerce and m-commerce will only be able to flourish if security can be guaranteed for payments made over the Internet.
The Internet has opened up global horizons but it also presents new dangers. Hackers can obtain secret information, while viruses can wipe out the hard disks of millions of computers within a relatively small time. The threats encompass not only cyber terror and malware attacks to bring down entire networks, which attract media headlines, but a also a range of more subtle and covert crimes involving fraud, phishing, pharming, reverse engineering, spyware and Trojan horses for spying and much more, as well as old fashioned viruses and worms. Israeli companies have been world leaders in pioneering secure communications and privacy over security networks.

Securing Enterprises
Check Point Software Technologies, for example, has successfully developed products guaranteeing secure enterprise connectivity. Products include the enterprise security and virtual private network suite FireWall-1 and one of the industry’s premier bandwith management solutions FloodGate-1. These products have enabled Check Point, which is publicly traded on the US Nasdaq market, to record annual sales of nearly $1.4 billion.
An additional Israeli company specializing in “firewall” products includes Security 7, which was acquired by the US giant Computer Associates. Security 7 has developed “Safegate” offering industrial strength security and protecting enterprise networks from unauthorized contact. Other Israeli companies engaged in this sector include DataSec. Specializing in IT security services, DataSec builds data security infrastructures for its clients. Trusteer is a leader in protecting banks and was acquired by IBM for $1 billion, while CyberArk Software, has developed a new layer of IT security solutions that protects organizations from cyber attacks that have made their way inside the network perimeter, recently raised $85 million on Nasdaq.

Information Surveillance
Israeli companies are world leaders in pioneering secure communications and privacy over security networks and developing systems to combat threats
Israeli firms also offer expertise in the sphere of information surveillance. NICE Systems, previously mentioned, is a leader in this sector. Verint Systems, traded on Nasdaq, provides analytic software and hardware for the security, surveillance, and business intelligence markets. A range of products for government and law enforcement agencies enables intelligent collection, storage, processing, monitoring, distribution and management of communications. Synel Industries has developed hardware and software for intelligent data collection including access control.
Another Israeli company, CipherActive, develops and markets accelerated standard encryption solutions, thus enabling wide usage of cryptography in resource constrained environments as well as in high volume systems.
Astronautics C.A is a multi-disciplinary high-tech company with unique expertise in a broad range of military technologies, such as: navigation, air data sensors and processing, advanced displays, military computers and more. Radom Aviation Systems offers aircraft upgrading know-how including integration of avionics, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems suits in a large variety of fighters, trainers, transport aircraft and helicopters. New Noga Light is a leading developer and manufacturer of night vision devices.

Several companies have developed scanners, which recognize fingerprints to validate ID. Securit Electronic Security has assisted in the production of an automated biometric-based passport control systems. On-Track Innovations (OTI) combines the ability to support biometric identification with portable smart cards in such applications as a driver license, passport, social security information or other ID.
In the area of pattern recognition technology, Image ID has developed software, that can recognize a specific object within a group of like objects. This technology is important in the identification of people traveling in disguise. NNT Israel has also devised innovative face recognition and fingerprint technologies.

Thwarting Malicious Intent 
Israel’s high-tech expertise and leading edge technologies and know-how have enabled government authorities, organizations and businesses worldwide to stay one step ahead of terrorists and criminals. As those with malicious intent become ever more resourceful and sophisticated in their ability to penetrate the best guarded borders, installations and buildings, Israeli companies enable their clients to benefit from their experience in a world where new dangers are emerging as technology proliferates.  

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