Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce Magazine Number 19

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During 2011 the Israel Asia Chamber of Commerce is producing a color edition in English of its annual magazine with the aim of promoting trade, investment and strategic commercial cooperation between Israel and Asia. The magazine will include comprehensive and up-to-date surveys about trade relations with a special emphasis on those sectors that have the greatest potential for Israeli exporters.

Ongoing Growth in Israeli Exports to Asia

Israeli exports to Asia in the first nine months of 2010 rose by about 60% over the previous year to $10 billion with these exports comprising about 18.3% of Israel's overall exports.
Hong Kong remains Israel's leading export destination in Asia with about $3 Billion of the country's exports sold there, followed by India which enjoyed 2.1$ billion an almost 78% increase, China $1.4 billion and Korea $600 million Export.
An increasing percentage of Israeli exports are in the high-tech and medical devices sector in the wake of bilateral R&D cooperation agreements between Israel and Hong Kong, China, India and Taiwan while bilateral R&D funds are operating with Singapore and Korea, while a financial protocol agreement has been signed with Vietnam.

The magazine will reach the most important markets in East Asia:

China & Hong Kong – India – Korea – Taiwan - Singapore
Philippines – Myanmar – Vietnam – Nepal – Malaysia –
Indonesia – Sri Lanka

The magazine will be distributed via the following channels

1.Through sister Chambers of Commerce in the following countries:
2.To senior administration figures in the aforementioned countries.
3.Israel's economic and trade representatives in Asian countries.
4.Through Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute, Manufacturers' Association of Israel, Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce and members of Israel's business community.
5.The King David and Masada Business lobbies at Ben Gurion International Airport.
6.Events, exhibitions, and conferences, which take place in Israel and overseas.
7.Embassies and representative offices of Asian countries in Israel. The magazine will also be circulated by those with an interest in developing trade relations with Israel.
8.Through direct mailing to companies and economic organizations in Asia.

As in the past the magazine will be produced by Daniel Uzan Media and Communications. We call on members of the Chamber and organizations with interests in Asia to take advantage of this unique forum for presenting your company before the business communities and policy makers in these countries.

Yours Sincerely
Ran Cohen

President of the Israel-Asia Chamber