A Safe City is a Prosperous City

Israeli companies provide comprehensive concepts and systems that prevent terror and crime and minimize damage to people and property

Israeli companies have developed comprehensive concepts and overall systems and solutions for safe cities that provide maximum security and safety for the modern urban environment. These systems optimize coordination of emergency services during major natural disasters or accidents, as well as for terror attacks and criminal threats. These systems also have a proven track record of deterring and preventing attacks, and reducing crime and accidents. Safe city systems also provide communications platforms for smart city systems, which extend to the environment, transportation, governance and much more.

C4 Centers Safe city systems comprise command, control and communication centers (C4) linked to a network of surveillance cameras and sensors throughout the city. This provides optimal coordination of emergency services – fire, medical, police and other security forces – to cope with crime, terror, accidents and natural disasters – and to detect and deter terror and crime. The C4 centers are able to collect, process, store, display, analyze and react to data obtained from the network as well as information from the public and emergency services.
Continuous progress in communication technology enables the public to communicate using wireless devices, VoIP, send photos and video clips, text messages and conduct other types of interaction. Further, public safety organizations use advanced technology such as video surveillance and automatic vehicle location systems in order to improve their public safety services.

Comprehensive Concepts and Solutions Israeli companies like NICE Systems provide complete solutions for C4 throughout the public sector, enabling C4 to effectively face challenges related to managing and acting upon multimedia incident information in real-time and after the event. Such C4 solutions utilize easily expandable, digital video recording platforms and easily-operated, inclusive, audio recording and analysis systems.
These can provide a complete recording and analysis system, which allows C4 units to gain insights from interactions and better understand all aspects of their operations.
For such systems to be effective First Responders must maintain records of all the actions they take in dealing with an incident, both for internal review and before the courts. As a result, First Responders need an inclusive recording system that can be easily operated by employees who are not technology experts and are functioning in a mission-critical environment. Frequently the system has to function under severe budget restraints.

First Responders After an incident is concluded, First Responder staff and their controllers require a comprehensive and authentic reconstruction of events. They need to confirm what happened, where and when, and who was involved.
They need to be certain that they cover every angle of the picture, from calls and transmissions, through video surveillance, to information that might be received and produced post event, such as cell phone photos from a walk-by civilian and reports filled by a field policeman. Fire services, like other First Responders, need easy-to-use equipment that is reliable even in extreme situations. Israeli companies provide field-proven solutions that allow fire services to reconstruct and learn from events by recording all interactions (wireline, wireless and radio calls as well as emails) as they happen.
Police and law enforcement agencies typically utilize both video and audio solutions. Video is used to track activities in and around the agency offices and to help discover and track suspicious vehicles, persons and objects. Audio solutions allow law enforcement agencies to record all incoming calls and use audio analysis to find specific calls - even when the call is incomplete.
Most modern police forces make extensive use of CCTV to monitor potential risk areas. NICE provides the cameras, hardware and software that make CCTV monitoring and management an integral part of the overall solution.

International Compliance Tools are also provided that meet all international compliance requirements, meaning that video and audio recordings can be acceptable as evidence in most courts of law.
Like other first responders, emergency medical services need to be able to recreate any incident in which they are involved - and here the incident can be, quite literally, a matter of life and death. Audio solutions mean that all communication between the control center, mobile units and First Responder personnel can be tracked, recorded and analyzed whether in order to comply with compliance requirements or for use as training tools.

Public Safety Solutions Public safety solutions provide: Robust and reliable total recording of all radio and telephony messages; Automatic number and location identification; Authentic reconstruction of events by providing accurate, chronologically correct recordings; Multimedia search and replay; Organization of the entire incident information in incident folders for protection and further management; One-click replay of last call; Simple, efficient operating procedures; An easily expandable open system for trouble-free integration with all existing systems; Quality measurement for call handling; Integrated CCTV solutions; Solutions integrated with and certified by major providers, including Motorola, M/A-COM and Plant Equipment.
In addition to NICE Systems, other major Israeli players capable of providing comprehensive safe city systems are Israel Aerospace Industries unit ELTA Systems, Elbit systems subsidiary Elbit Security Systems (ELSEC), and Mer Group's homeland security division Mer Security and Communications Systems.

Transport Security These comprehensive systems also encompass transport security and can be extended to include air, bus, road, railway, river and coastal/port safety. Other companies involved in this sector include NESS Telecom and Systems Group, which sets up emergency communications centers, 4DM technologies, which implements training and smart management of safe city projects and ICTS Global Security, which acts as a consultant on these systems. Orsus Solutions (1999) Ltd. and Demco Consultants (Military & Security) also act as consultants, while Rontal Engineering also specializes in situation management.

A Worthwhile Investment The modern urban environment is always going to be fraught with potential catastrophes. Safe city systems can eliminate and prevent many of the risks, while minimizing and controlling damage when it does occur. Safe city systems are relatively expensive to install but the major investment pays off in the medium to long term with residents feeling better about their own cities, which are also better placed to attract investment, tourism etc.