Consultants Offer Comprehensive Security Concepts

No other advanced technology country has such a large proportion of professionals with real time experience in the police, army and security forces

Security appears to be second nature to Israelis. Israel is unique among all other western developed economies, in having such a large proportion of professionals with real time experience in the police, army and security forces. Many of these experts continue to work as international consultants after leaving the Israel Defense Forces, police or other defense and security organizations, where they worked combating the ever-present threat of terror. These former officers, who include many scientists, engineers and high-tech experts, not only have handson experience and know-how of traditional security activities, they are also familiar with the broad range of the advanced technologies, and leading-edge equipment, which is available to enhance safety and make security systems more efficient and effective.
9/11 came as a cruel surprise to most of the world. But Israel's population has lived for decades under the constant pressure and fear of the terrorist threat. Not only has air travel been successfully secured but also with the constant threat of attack, all forms of transportation, buildings and installations big and small - and most importantly people - must be comprehensively protected from terrorism.
Even before the attacks in the US by Al Qaida, and elsewhere over the past decade by terror groups, ever growing crime was making the world more security conscious.
Famous places and major events such as the Olympics are especially vulnerable to attack. Israeli security companies provide planning, integrating and managing large-scale security and defense projects, usually in a three-stage program.
Firstly these comprehensive services include the analysis of threats and risks from terror groups, industrial espionage and criminal activity.

Balancing Cost Convenience and Effectiveness Secondly, security concepts are developed to be convenient, effective and cost balanced. Security and safety surveys and consulting projects are prepared for potential terror attack targets like borders and shore defense facilities, aviation and maritime transport services, industrial installations, nuclear and energy plants, petrochemical complexes, financial institutions, state civil defense and crisis management service providers, and major international conferences or sports events like the Olympic Games.
In the third and final stage of developing a security concept, the consulting firm presents to its client the proposed security program to be based on fundamental and detailed engineering, procurements, plans and support, workforce recruiting and training, and on-going consulting. Experts also advise clients on the kind of products, hardware and systems that would suit the specific needs of the particular client – such as equipment designed for security, anti-terror and law enforcement, all kinds of arms (Western and Eastern), air, land and marine military products and systems. Typically knowhow and products will thus be integrated into a custom- made solution package. These solution packages incorporate the concept, products to be integrated into the entire security system, professional support, manuals, consulting and training and after-sales service and consultation. Essentially on offer is comprehensive, flexible thinking and planning to tackle the most complex and unique security needs.
Israeli security companies in both the public and private sectors provide products and services covering all possible fields and eventualities which are most effective when integrated into a comprehensive concept which is planned and coordinated by an experienced professional.
The components of comprehensive, integrated security systems will typically include perimeter defense and fencing with sensors, alarms and intrusion detection systems, access control to buildings and installations including surveillance and screening of those entering, training in terror combat and firearms, protection of dangerous and hazardous materials, armor protection of vehicles, riot control, personal protection, and airport security and security of civil aviation.

From Locks to Firewalls Dozens of Israeli companies offer the components that provide this comprehensive security including both traditional products such as locks, safes, armored vehicles and wire fencing through to leading-edge high tech systems such as CCTV and video surveillance systems, sensor cables and access control networks and night vision systems, and onto IT products such as firewalls to ensure cyber security. Israeli companies are experienced in all aspects of civilian security including law enforcement (establishing police units or security companies), criminal investigation (laboratories, finger prints, chemistry and biology, polygraph, drugs investigation, detection, location and identification). For decades Israeli security firms are exporting their security products and services worldwide. Customers include overseas governments and their police and security services, banks and commercial corporations, airports and airlines, and oil, energy and utility companies wishing to protect pipe-lines, fuel depots, power plants and related electricity installations. There has always been a high demand for Israeli security personnel including advisors, experts, scientists, engineers and systems operators. These professionals have served in the Israeli security forces and whether building fences to defend an installation's perimeter or manufacturing flak jackets and gas masks, the country's security and safety industry has a proven track record that has stood the test of real-time experience.
The added value of Israeli personnel is also the ability to plan ahead, anticipate the unexpected, suspect every conceivable scenario and effectively integrate innovative and appropriate high-tech systems into traditional security activities.
Leading Israeli companies offering comprehensive and strategic advice on security include the government owned Israel Military Industries (IMI). IMI offers advice to authorized overseas organizations through its Business and Marketing Division, which several years ago set up an Academy for Advanced Security and Anti-Terror Training within its Security and Special Operations Division. IMI provides all the aforementioned services from analyzing a threat through to developing a concept installing and operating equipment and training personnel in combat techniques.
Counter Terrorism Solutions Ltd. (CTS), which is the commercial arm of the International Institute of Counter Terrorism (ICT) at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya, complements traditional intelligence gathering from covert human (HUMINT) and signal interception activities (SIGINT) with the growing field of open sources intelligence (OSINT) gathered from the Internet, including chat rooms and blogs. ICT's Incidents and Activists Database is one of the most all-encompassing non-governmental resources on terrorist incidents in the world, with records of over 31,000 incidents since 1975, including successful terrorist attacks, foiled attacks, counter- terror operations, background and follow-up information. All data is interlinked and cross- referenced. Sherutey Hashomrim Group also assists governments and private entities to develop their own security concepts and implement them at the strategic, tactical and operational level. Shafran specializes in the planning and implementation of security strategies for organizations, while SANSOLO Security Consulting, Development & Manufacturing focuses on security consulting, explosives, demolition, combat pyrotechnics and new products development. Other Israeli firms offering these services include Silver Shadow. Advanced Security Systems also offers a wide range of specialized security services. Nirtal Security Consultation and Training provides training and supplies of combat equipment and comprehensive solutions for VIP protection, army and police training. IsraTeam 98 specializes in civil defense and crisis management, while Max Security Solutions serves large organizations with physical and transport protection, security planning and training. SETER Security Consulting provides security consulting and project management services to organizations, municipalities and government entities in general security and business data security.
EMG is a consulting firm, specializing in design and management of projects, integrating multi-component security systems. The company's vast experience includes successful projects in safety, security, command, control, communications, audio, and video systems (low voltage). The SDEMA Group is an integrated, homeland security solutions partnership specializing in risk mitigation.
SDEMA combines unique methods of risk assessment and analysis with decades of field experience in securing government and commercial sites, providing transportation security and delivering VIP protection worldwide. ATHENA GS3 Security Implementations Ltd. is another leading security consultancy firm led by senior veterans from Israel's security forces. The International School Of Krav-Maga specializes in training security teams in a special method of self-defense and fighting skills developed in Israel.
The utilization of these services, systems and solutions in a comprehensive and integrated manner by Israel's highly experienced consultants can soothe fears, prevent terrorism and crime, and provide protection and minimize damage to life and property during real-time incidents.