Industrial cooperation 2012

The Israeli body entrusted with advancing industrial and business cooperation activities between foreign companies and local entities, is the Industrial Cooperation Authority (ICA).
ICA is an Israeli Government entity, operating within the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor. ICA initiates, coordinates and monitors industrial and commercial cooperation activities following Government, Government-owned companies, public institutes and other State entities procurement. ICA also promotes and monitors commercial and industrial cooperation activities related to selected areas of non-government trade.
ICA is authorized to supervise the enforcement of the "Mandatory Tenders Regulations" (Mandatory Industrial Cooperation) 5767- 2007, of the Mandatory Tenders Law. ICA operates within the rules of the Government Procurement Act and other international agreements, and collaborates with parallel organizations worldwide. ICA coordinates its activities with the relevant Government ministries and in country related organizations and industries.

As part of the Ministry of Industry Trade and Labor, ICA's headquarters is based in Jerusalem. ICA has also a branch office in Tel Aviv and at the Israel Economic mission in New York. Full information about the ICA, its activities and services is presented on its web site: Overseas companies are invited to contact the ICA, with regard to any subject, question or idea related to Industrial Cooperation in Israel, whether through the above web site or directly to the relevant person in charge, as outlined below.