Integrated High-Tech Systems Enhance Security

Comprehensive solutions can reduce infiltrations of borders, perimeters and vital infrastructures to the minimum

Ever-larger resources are invested by countries to defend their borders and points of entry including airports, seaports and land crossings against criminal and terrorist threats as well as illegal immigration. The sophisticated systems and solutions developed by Israeli companies to protect air, sea and land borders are often appropriate on a smaller scale for protecting perimeters of highly sensitive infrastructures in such areas as energy and transportation, as well as factories, offices and even private homes and people.
Even before 9/11, Israel was highly sensitive to infiltration and sabotage by terrorists and a range of comprehensive products and solutions were developed, which combine perimeter fencing and lighting with command and control solutions and the full range of sensors, alarms, CCTV and other equipment needed to protect property as well as borders.
Israeli high-tech has enabled governments and organizations to further enhance security through smart systems in biometrics, automatic image recognition, surveillance tools, port and cargo security techniques including RF tags and smart locks. Israeli firms have also developed on-site threat detection systems including chemical, biological and weapons of mass destruction (identification and characterization).
RAFAEL Armament Development Authority has developed a general concept Total Area Control System (TACS), which is effective for perimeter protection as well as shore and border defense. TACS comprises: detection and identification of hostile activities; warning and alarm; surveillance and tracking of suspected targets; data collection and processing; data transmission; monitoring one's own forces; and command and control at all stages and levels.
Elbit Systems through its subsidiary Elbit Security Systems Ltd. (ELSEC) is also an Israeli leader in total security systems offering a unique combination of aerospace, ground and naval systems, command, control, communications, computers and intelligence (C4I) and advanced electro-optic technologies. The company provides comprehensive security systems and turnkey solutions for prevention, detection, deterrence and response including various sensors, lasers, surveillance, platforms and Information Technology programs.
Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) through its subsidiaries including Elta Electronics, has developed, manufactures and markets an extensive range of integrated protection systems for borders and coasts including C3I systems based on sensors, platforms, radars and electro-optical payloads, which provide comprehensive air, ground and naval surveillance and protection solutions for borders, coastlines and installations.
Israel Military Industries (IMI) is a "one-stop shop" for fully integrated, comprehensive, field-proven Homeland Security solutions. The company provides answers for military, law enforcement, security and commercial uses to combat evolving terrorist threats.

Global Leaders in Biometrics Israeli firms are global leaders in the fast developing field of biometric identification technology relating to a collection of methods, which devise systems able to recognize people according to their physical or behavioral characteristics. BioGuard develops such systems to counter identity theft and forgery, while IQS Biometric Solutions designs fingerprint authentication products that integrate sensor and imaging algorithm technologies.
ID-U Biometrics is developing a unique identification signature based on a subject's response to external stimuli. The signature includes dynamic information, which is a combination of behavioral, physiological, and physical characteristics.
Optisec Systems (formerly Opticom Technologies) is providing governments, system integrators and end-users turnkey biometric security solution for access control and ID verification. The company provides solutions ranging from a single door biometric access control systems to a turnkey solution from physical access control to building facilities, secure floors, and computer rooms to log onto the network. Recognix Technologies is a leading software and solutions provider of image processing applications.

Checking Baggage and Cargoes An important aspect of the effective management of borders is also the efficient checking of baggage and cargoes. Israeli companies with systems to offer in this sector include SpaceLogic, which has developed automatic baggage handling solutions as well as logistics software applications specializing in baggage handling, airport security systems and integration of warehousing and distribution systems. Hi-G-Tek has developed RFID electronic seals for fast, automatic processing of secured cargoes and the monitoring of the cargoes while in transit.
Israeli companies are also leading developers and manufacturers of threat detection systems especially for non-conventional materials. Rotem Industries has developed a series of radiation detection and monitoring systems and emergency response kits, while MS Tech has developed sniffer technology for detecting explosives based on chemical sensors.
The trend of integrating detectors, sensors, wireless systems and remote monitoring so that intruders are not only detected but captured on film is characteristic of the products of many Israeli developers and manufacturers of alarm systems. Av-Gad Systems develops, produces and markets alarm systems and electronic devices.
Access control is an important factor in this sector and Visonic Technologies (VT) provides integrated identification solutions to enhance security, safety and communications throughout the enterprise. Emza Visual Sense develops image guidance technology for smart cameras.
Controp Precision Technologies has developed a real time, advanced panoramic intruder protection system that automatically detects motion within a wide panoramic view. VideoDomain Technologies provides leading edge remote surveillance solutions to protect businesses and transportation networks. The company's enabling technology allows it to stream high quality, real-time video through copper wires. Vigilant provides intelligent video solutions while Vidisco has developed innovative and portable X-ray systems.
Israeli companies have also led the way in adapting burglar alarms to the 21st century. Electronics Line 3000 provides wireless home network and security solutions. The company's systems enable the owner to remotely control and monitor an office, installation or home from anywhere in the world via a cellular network or the Internet. The system provides peace of mind, convenient living and security.

Smart Fencing Fencing remains an important part of protection and G.M. Advanced Fencing and Security Technologies specializes in electric fencing systems combined with sensor cables, a computerized control center and integrated perimeter security. EL-FAR Electronics Systems 2000 develops, manufactures and markets comprehensive perimeter security systems and integrated solutions. EL-FAR's smart fences include vibration sensors and electronic controllers that can be installed onto existing infrastructures providing the most comprehensive intrusion detection system available and detection resolution within 10 meters of a fence and often as close as 3 meters.
Israeli companies produce sophisticated and innovative locks. Mult-T-Lock Ltd. (Rav Bariah), owned by the Swedish company ASSA ABLOY, has developed a unique four way locking systems for doors as well as innovative locks for warehouses, vehicles and other mechanical applications. Mul-T-Lock produces hundreds of cylinders, locks, electromechanical products, complementary items and automatic machinery for key cutting. Noble Security Products has developed a family of locks for PCs, laptops, printers, toolboxes, small generators and other items including guns. Trellidor Folding Bars makes fully framed expanding security bars for windows and doors, and Safe Place Omen Systems has developed electronic safes. Israeli companies also offer vehicle protection products. Oran Safety Glass (OSG) specializes in bullet proof and explosive proof glass for windows. Personal protection products range from the helmets and bulletproof vests of Rabintex Industries and Export Erez down to the rugged military shoes of Noga Einat Shoe Industries and the state-ofthe- art protection solutions of KATA International. On the level of personnel rather than property protection, local firms have also developed special clothing to protect against these threats. Supergum provides top-to-bottom protection with a range of disposable suits, permeable plastic covers, masks, cooling vests and boots etc. Mifram has developed bullet-proof and gas-proof shelters and solutions capable of housing and protecting dozens of people.

Electro-Optical & Laser Applications An innovative and unique array of electro-optical and laser applications have been developed by Israeli companies, which give security forces and law enforcement agencies a crucial advantage by transforming darkness into light. Available products range from laser rangefinders and anti-aircraft artillery control systems through to longrange cameras for use in small satellites and for industry automated optical inspection systems.
A range of optronics technologies developed in Israel such as thermal imaging, lasers, infra-red, optics and other electronics systems already enable fighter aircraft to carry out reconnaissance missions and precision strikes in the dark with night vision systems that are as accurate as day time maneuvers. These systems can comprise part of the aircraft itself and are also now available in pilot's helmets, umanned air vehicles (UAVs), special cameras and binoculars as well as a range of personal night vision devices. Initially developed for aircraft, all these systems are now available for naval vessels, tanks, artillery, armored vehicles, light weapons and the individual infantry soldier.
Orientation at night is also enhanced by night compass and rangefinder systems developed in Israel.

Laser Technologies Laser technology is excellent not only for night surveillance but also greater day and night-time accuracy.
Laser aiming devices and target marking systems fixed to everything from semi-automatic M-16 rifles, artillery guns and helicopter and aircraft mounted weapon systems turn an average marksman into highly proficient snipers. Laser technology has also been adapted by Israeli high-tech systems to warn about other laser threats. In addition thermal imaging is embedded in many systems such as UAVs and light aircraft and vessels.
Sector leaders in electro-optics in Israel for both military and commercial applications include El-Op Electro- Optics Industries, a subsidiary of Elbit Systems. El-Op's technologies and products range from space and airborne reconnaissance to thermal imaging, lasers and mini-lasers, displays, fire control systems, optronic stabilized payloads and electro-optics countermeasures.
Specific products include portable lasers, lightweight laser range-finders and compact thermal imaging modules.
Other manufacturers include Ortek, also a subsidiary of Elbit Systems, which has developed night vision monoculars, binoculars, goggles and night observation sights and International Technologies Lasers Ltd. (ITL), which produces laser aiming devices and sights, night vision systems for image intensification and thermal imaging, laser range finders and target acquisition systems, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and searchlights and illumination devices. Moked Engineering has developed third-eye laser warning systems and Technical Consultants International (TCI) designs, develops and manufactures night vision systems for rifles, binoculars and CCTV.

Quality Control and Testing It is in the area of quality control and testing that most electro-optical systems in the Israeli civilian sector have been developed. Orbotech manufactures machine vision and imaging solutions known as automated optical inspection systems for the printing circuit board and flat panel display industries. Opgal also makes electrooptics and image processing technology for assisting heart surgeons during open-heart surgery as well as inspection systems for the corrugated cardboard industry.
Uni-Scope Optical Systems develops and manufactures a broad range of periscopes.
Ongoing major investment in R&D by Israeli companies will ensure the continued improvement of existing products and new technologies, to satisfy increasing demands for smarter systems. No system is completely impenetrable, but deploying Israeli developed border protection solutions greatly reduces the risk of undesirable infiltration. But as those with malicious intent become ever more resourceful and sophisticated in their ability to penetrate the best guarded locations and buildings, Israeli companies enable their clients to reduce risks in an ever more perilous world.