Jerusalem, November 2012

State of Israel
Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor

Dear Read,
Israel is a global leader in developing innovative Homeland and Cyber Security solutions to combat terror and crime. The country's real-time experience in fighting terror combined with leading edge high tech capabilities have enabled dozens of companies to develop the products, systems and services detailed in this publication.
Israel has lived for decades with the threat of terror; consequently the solutions developed by the country's companies have been tested and improved after real-time utilization.
This extensive experience combined with the country's strong academic research platform and high-tech capabilities have enabled companies to develop expertise in such areas as aviation, maritime and transport security; borders and infrastructure protection, smart-city and emergency services management; and most recently cyber security solutions to protect sensitive data and computer communications networks.
This directory is one of the complimentary services provided by the Industrial Cooperation Authority (ICA) to overseas companies seeking Israeli partners, as well as foreign Governments' security establishments, looking for comprehensive security concepts and systems.
ICA's staff, offer their know-how and expertise to overseas companies and are eager to assist in identifying and finding local firms with appropriate products and services, which will meet the expectations of global companies in terms of quality, price and delivery. Israeli companies have the competitive advantage of added value and cost effective high-tech systems backed up by a pool of veteran operatives in Israel's security services.
The following pages will clearly show that doing business with Israeli companies provides an opportunity to benefit from its diverse array of technologically advanced Homeland and Cyber Security systems and professional know-how.

Sincerely yours

Shalom Simhon
Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor