Jerusalem, November 2011

State of Israel
Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor
Industrial Cooperation Authority

Dear Reader,
It is my privilege to present to you a comprehensive range of innovative Homeland and Cyber Security products, systems and solutions available from Israeli companies.
Presented herein, are operationally and competitively proven solutions. I invite you to take a deeper look in this directory and take advantage of Israel's expertise in this domain. No other country has had greater experience than Israel in deterring and combating the threat of terrorism. Consequently dozens of companies have developed leading-edge systems that have proven effective in real-time operations.
Another essential ingredient in Israel's Homeland and Cyber Security advanced technological capabilities is the high quality and professionalism of its workforce, with an abundance of professionals who have gained vast experience and know-how when serving in Israel's security forces. Complementing this in-the-field experience, the country has more academically qualified scientists and engineers, proportionately speaking, than any other nation in the world.
Thus in the full range of Homeland Security areas from border, perimeter and infrastructure protection to safe city management, securing air, sea and land transport, through to IT security, Israel boasts technological and professional excellence.
The Industrial Cooperation Authority (ICA) is a legally constituted body whose functions include; ensuring the creation of Industrial Cooperation Agreements to be signed by overseas companies following their sales to the Government of Israel, Government owned corporations and companies, and other Government related bodies; initiating, coordinating and monitoring industrial cooperation activities to be carried out by foreign companies in Israel, as well as tracking and promoting the implementation of their commitments. The ICA also assists local defense related industries in fulfilling their commitments within the framework of their export transactions in other countries.
The ICA assists overseas companies wishing to form appropriate business partnerships in Israel for the purpose of fulfilling their Industrial Cooperation undertakings by locating suitable Israeli firms, aimed at forming strategic partnerships, joint ventures, outsourcing or R&D agreements, or investments. ICA's team of industrial specialists offers their know-how and advice about how it can be done, providing the foreign company with the necessary information about Israeli industry.
All services of the ICA are provided free of charge.
As a result of Industrial Cooperation Agreements, about $6.7 billion dollars flowed into Israel in the last three years ending in 2011, from dozens of major overseas corporations, who had business with about 450 Israeli industrial firms.
It is a fact that following their initial positive experiences in this country, more than 30% of overseas companies, continue their business ties with Israeli firms, even after their commitments have been fully accomplished. This experience enables them to discover the range of possibilities and enormous technological and economic potential in Israeli industry. Consequently, it seems that the direct result of these Industrial Cooperation Agreements encourages overseas companies to carry on implementing transactions with their Israeli partners.
ICA's staff in Israel and abroad is eager to provide you with our complimentary services. We look forward to assisting you in facilitating contacts with the most appropriate Israeli business partner for you, and we are confident that such partnerships will prove to be mutually profitable and beneficial, for all parties involved.

Bina Bar-On
bina sig
Director General of the Industrial Cooperation Authority